Sunday, January 27, 2013

An RSS Feeder Add-on For Chrome

In his technology blog, Digital Inspiration, Amit Agarwal, describes a great Chrome add-on called "Feeder". It is, as Agarwal explains, " like a mini Google Reader embedded in Chrome – it tracks RSS Feeds and offers instant notifications whenever new content is available."

It's very cool. I installed it this afternoon. Every time you land on a site, Feeder detects the feeds and you can subscribe to them by clicking on the icon in your browser. I like the way Feeder displays your feeds by showing you a list of the most recent entries. And every time Feeder detects a new entry, a little pop up notifies you. You can even add your email to Feeder and it will notify you .  Very cool!


  1. Neat find -- I'll give it a whirl. Any recommendations of a good Google Reader-friendly Android app? I've tried Press and gReader, both neither matches my beloved Reeder on iOS (really, the only iPhone app I miss).

  2. ....and, I'm sold. This is pretty great. It does do one oddball thing, mirrored in Android's Press app and toggle-able in Reeder: when I choose one of my RSS folders (e.g. "Local News" or "Things I Use," I then get a list of individual RSS feeds and blogs in the folder. Hopefully the fellows behind Feeder and Press offer up a toggle that bypasses this springboard and leads you instead to an aggregated list of items in your folder. (Again, a feature Reeder offers.) Thanks, George!