Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shinto Mythology

If you are teaching Shinto and want to explore Japanese mythology and folklore, you should explore the Mukashiabanashi Library. It includes some of the important early Japanese myths. The sampling includes Izanagi and Izanami , and The Journey to Yomi among others. I might print out some of the myths and have the kids compare them and explain how they reflect Shinto beliefs.

Update: The link to the Mukashiabanashi Library no longer seems to work. Fortunately, I copied some of the myths when I fist found the link. I just copied them into Google Docs and you can find them here. The myths include: Nihon shinwagaku, the Mythology of Japan; Izanagi and Izanami; The Journey to Yomi; Amaterasu and Susano-o; Yōkai and Bakemono: Monsters and Apparitions in Nippon; and Susano-o and the Orochi;

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