Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Using Prezi to Study Judaism

Today's lesson was about Judaism, and the activity for the students was to create a Prezi to present what they learned during their research. Here's a link to the assignment, and here is the site they used as research, and finally, here's a terrific example of what one group of students produced. The lesson worked because it allowed the students to use technology to unleash their creativity. My thanks to my colleague, Jeff Feinstein, who sent me link to the site we used to research the topics. 


  1. Nice assignment. How much time did you give them? Inside or outside of class? I recently had students do a similar kind of assignment on Islam (iMovie, rather than Prezi), and found that, while I liked the results, it took a lot more time than I expected

    1. They worked on it in class (90 minutes). The one I posted was the only one with video and pictures. Next time, I think I'll ask them to embed at least one video and two or three pictures.