Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Face to Faith Videoconferences

On Friday, if what the weather people are calling "Snowquester" does not keep us out of school, my World Religions class will discuss women's rights and the role of women in the Catholic Church through a program called "Face to Faith."  Tony Blair, the British Prime Minster from 1997 to 2007, started the organization as a way to bring together high school students of different faiths in different parts of the world through online-video conferences.

In addition to linking together classrooms from different parts of the world, Face to Faith also offers what they call special day conferences, often linked to the UN Calendar,  like the one I am doing on women's rights on Friday. We do it all through Skype. For the conference on Friday, our speaker will Skype in from England,our facilitator will Skype in from Utah,and our class will Skype in from Virginia.

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