Sunday, March 24, 2013

What's the Right Thing to Do? Michael Sandel's Famous Harvard Course

Should Judge Judy earn 20 times what a Supreme Court Judge earns?  Michael Jordan earns over $20 million dollars and Bill Gates is worth billions. Should those inequalities be permitted? 

This is what Michael Sandel's popular Harvard philosophy course, What's the Right Thing to do? is all about.  It's  now on the web for free and will also be offered for free through EdX. You can read more about it at this Open Culture site.

I use short clips from several of Sandel's episodes in my religion class when we discuss morality in some of the different religions we cover.  The topic for our next Face to Faith video conference is wealth, poverty, and charity.   In his 8th episode,  Sandel discusses  the morality of  wealth.  Is such wealth justified?  Is it good for the rest of society--for the poor, and the disenfranchised?  What do the great philosophers, like Jonh Rawls,  say about it?

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