Friday, May 31, 2013

Clouds Over Cuba: Interactive Documentary

Nuclear war can create a crisis of faith. The discovery of missiles in Cuba in 1962 almost created such a  crisis.  The clip above is  a teaser for Clouds over Cuba, an awesome interactive documentary about the Cuban Missile crisis. It won a Webby award this year.  "While you watch the documentary,"  according to one review, "dozens of archival photos, videos, documents and audio recordings -- like the recently declassified tapes from the ExComm meetings between Kennedy and his advisory committee -- are added to a "digital dossier," which can be accessed online, or via your smartphone at any time."

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and the Martin Agency worked together to create the website.
The authors even speculate, in a clip near the end of the documentary, what the world might look like if the crisis had developed into nuclear war.  The clip creates an alternate world in which four characters recall the horror of the times. 

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