Sunday, June 30, 2013

Minarets, Burqas, now Garages

In 2000, Switzerland voted to ban the construction of new minarets, in April of this year France introduced a law to ban the burqa. Now, in Dearborn, Michigan, officials introduced an ordinance to curb the use of garages as hangouts. Is this another attempt to single out Muslim Americans?

With over 100,000 Arab-Americans, Dereborn is the largest Arab-American community in this country and outside the Middle East.  Many Arab-Americans in this community convert their garages into social hangouts where, according to ABC news, they like to socialize eat, smoke, and watch TV.  It's a continuation, says ABC,  of the hooka.

Parking is now at a premium since the Arab Americans now park their cars on the street, instead of in their garages. In addition, they say garages are not meant to be living spaces.  Is this, as some Arab-Americans claim, a class and ethnic reaction?

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