Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Women Exiled in Nepal Face Rape, Murder

My colleague, Frances Coffey, tweeted this sad story about menstruating women in Nepal.  In western Nepal, people believe these women are impure and bring bad luck.  According to the authors of the video above, Poh Si Teng, Allison Shelley and Allyn Gaestel,  they are exiled and "become vulnerable to rape and other horrors."

The practice, which many believe is rooted in Hinduism, is called chaupadi and calls for "the monthly separation of women deemed impure during menstruation."   In a story for the Pulitzer Center on crisis reporting, Allyn Gastel writes, "each month women sleep in a small hut called a goth, in the stable or outside. They are considered polluting, so they do not touch their family; they eat separately and cannot go in the house."  

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