Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kick-Ass Women Of The Muslim World

The Huffington Post has a great story about 10 Muslim women who are challenging religious and cultural norms in the Middle East. The series includes a short video clip for most featuring each woman and a short paragraph biography. The series includes the following women:
  1. Haifaa al-Mansour:  Saudia Arabian filmmaker, whose film Wadja,challenged norms about men and  women working together.
  2. Syria female fighters:  GlobalPost profiles one small female Islamic unit in Aleppo.
  3. Raha Moharrak:  She is first Saudi woman to climb Mt. Everest.
  4. Dana Bakdounis: Saudi woman who challenged the veil by posting her picture on Facebook without a veil.
  5. Riham Said: Egyptian journalist who did not wear her veil on TV when interviewing a male guest. 
  6.  Egyptian women: Egyptian women band together to fight sexual harassment.  
  7. Amina Tyler:  Tunisian women who challenged sexual norms by posting a topless picture of herself online.
  8.  Parkour practitioners: Iranian girls practice movement based on military obstacles
  9. Tawakkol Karman: called the "Iron Woman," she was the public face of the Yemen Arab Spring uprising.
  10.  Humaira Bachal: She fights for the right for girls to get an education, much like Malala, Yousafazai.
In religion class, students might compare the way women in other religions are breaking gender barriers.

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