Monday, August 26, 2013

Battling Superstition, Indian Paid With His Life

Here is an interesting glimpse into India's world of superstition from the New York Times.

Superstition is so entrenched in India that it is almost a part of its very fabric.  Gurus, babas, astrologers, godmen, and even mystical soothsayers make a living with their miracles and magic.

One critic, Narendra Dabhokar, spent his life challenging the entrenched beliefs in superstition. Everywhere he saw magic, he showed the audience why it wasn't magic. He even took up a bill, the anti-black magic bill, but politicians were reluctant to move on it.  He paid with his life. Last week, two men shot Dr. Dabhokar  as he went on a walk and killed him. He threatened a way of life.

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