Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Discovering Religious Diversity: Scavenger Hunt

Familiarize your religion students with the religious diversity in your area. Each year I ask the students to complete a scavenger hunt for the different faith traditions in their area. I give them a worksheet, and a list of links to help them identify the different faiths within their community.  Here is a list of those links:
  • The Pluralism Project is one of the best. You simply input a keyword or use a pull down menu for religious tradition and state. 
  • The Association of Religious Data Archives is pretty good.  You can input your zip code and a graph will pop up showing what kinds of faith traditions are near you.
  • A Northern Virginia Community college teacher has comprehensive directions on how to find the different faith traditions in a community.  I used a lot of her sources for my scavenger hunt.

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