Friday, August 16, 2013

Krista Tippet on Compassion

Here is Krista Tippett on Ted Talks discussing compassion. She thinks that we need a new definition of compassion that is synonymous with empathy and linked to practical virtues like generosity, kindness, and hospitality.

She offers some examples in people that she has interviewed like Matthew Sanford who became a paraplegic at the age of thirteen in a car crash that killed his father and sister. Today, he works with wounded war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan showing them how to live with disabilities. She also talked about Albert Einstein whose compassion led him to invite Marian Anderson, the great black singer, to stay at his house since the nearby hotel was segregated.

Krista Tippet is the host of the weekly radio show, On Being, which is  about religion or what the show calls the big questions of the time. Every week she interviews different people from all faith traditions.  She is a journalist by training but also has a degree in divinity from Yale University. In 2003, she launched Speaking of Faith, which is now called, On Being.

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