Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gap's Ad With Sikh Model Defaced, Gap Responds

Someone defaced a Gap subway advertisement featuring a Sikh model with the caption, "Make love," with the words, "make bombs," and "please stop driving taxis."  A senior editor for Islamic Monthly posted the defaced ad on his Twitter and Facebook accounts because, he said,  he wanted the world " to see how millions of brown people are viewed in America today." (see the photo below)

Gap saw the ad and immediately changed it's Twitter background to show the Sikh model (photo below)

According to the story in the Huffington Post, some in the Sikh community started a Twitter Thank You, Gap campaign. 

Students might find this story interesting on a couple of levels. It shows that some Americans still misunderstand and fear other religions. And on another level, it shows the power of social media.

The story is all over the internet. Here's  a link to Adweek's story and here is the story from CBC News.

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