Saturday, November 2, 2013

Turkey's 'Rockin' Imam

Teaching Islam?  Here's a great story about a Turkish Iman, Ahmet Muhsin Tuzer, who is attempting to soften the image of Islam with music, combining Sufi mysticism and psychedelic rock, according to this fascinating NPR story. He plays in a rock band called FiRock at night while in the daytime he leads his village in prayer.  The clip above is a short report about the Iman from the European Journal.

Many people support his part-time venture into music but some in the establishment think he should be investigated and cannot make money on commercial ventures. Although he assured an NPR reporter that he makes no money from his music, the government has opened an investigation. Nonetheless, Tuzer has become quite famous.

Tuzer said that he is not sure what the future holds but, according to NPR, "he'd like to record a duet with Madonna, known for her interest in the mystical side of Judaism." Listen to the NPR story here or below and watch group play in the clip below.

Here's the NPR audio story.

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