Saturday, December 28, 2013

Muslim Hipsters Spark Controversy

Does the video "objectify the Muslim female form" or does it simply show Muslim women as cool and fun?  Not everyone agrees. 

Both NPR and the Huffington Post put up this video of young Muslim women wearing hijabs, skateboarding, walking around around and doing other random things to the music of the Jay-Z song "Somewhere in America."

It's been both lauded and condemned. Some applaud it because of its "aesthetic beauty and depiction of Muslim women as modest, cool, and fun. It paints a picture of American Islam which isn't often seen, despite its reality."

The criticism, says NPR, falls into three categories.

"First, there were those who felt the video inaccurately and wrongly portrayed "a fluffed up version of hijab." Second, critics broadly claimed the video "objectif[ied] the Muslim female form." Third were those who said they couldn't and didn't identify with the Muslim women in the video."

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