Monday, January 6, 2014

Moral Dilemmas in the Ramayana

Studying Hinduism and the concept of dharma?  The South Asia Center has a series of excellent lessons dealing with some of the moral dilemmas in the Ramayana.

In different abbreviated stories, characters must figure out the most righteous behavior or proper dharma in response to the dilemma.  You can copy and print out the five short stories and ask students to discuss how the different characters should respond. They can also complete this chart as they read. Thanks to Mrs Steer (@MsSteerAncient) for the link to the chart and stories, which include the following.
  • Dasaratha's Choice 
  • Lakshmana's Loyalty 
  • Rama Chooses Sides 
  • Hanuman Burns Lanka 
  • Sita's Ordeal by Fire

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