Sunday, February 9, 2014

11,000 Images of Persian Manuscripts Online

Check out these beautiful Persian manuscripts at the The British Library Most are small paintings designed to go into books.  You can read posts about some of the manuscripts which explain them in great detail. For example, you can read a famous poem by Manṭiq al-ṭayr, and examine the image, which is a Sufi allegory of the quest for God. And you can zoom in on most of the images and see awesome detail.

According to the Library, "the manuscripts were selected for their historical, literary and artistic importance and form part of a three year project to provide digital records of our Persian manuscript collection and images of 50 manuscripts."

Open Culture, where I first saw these has a nice review of the manuscripts. 

The opening of Timur’s grandson Iskandar Sultan’s pocket encyclopedia containing 23 works.

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