Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Harvard Educated Monk Introduces Zen Buddhism

Mediation is about much more than healing. Above all, it's about enlightenment, according to Hwansan Sunim, a Harvard educated Korean-American Buddhist monk.

Sunim is a Zen Buddhist and studied under the preeminent Korean master, Ven. Songdam.

In the first 10 minutes in the the video above, Sunim explains how he came from Korea to Harvard and back to Korea to study Zen Buddhism and back to the US to share the teachings of Seon Buddhism. It's a fascinating story that students and others would enjoy.

According to the Post, "Sunim has one foot in the world of ancient Buddhist wisdom and another in the world of 21st century digital media, sharing his insights with a global audience via his podcast series and YouTube channel, "Hwansan Sunim: Son Meditation for the Modern World."

You can read more about this fascinating monk in this Huffington Post story.

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