Monday, April 21, 2014

How Young Sikhs Fight Bias

Here's a great story about religious intolerance and how one group of young Sikhs is trying to combat it.

Sikhs face more discrimination than most religious minorities in this country.  And in schools, young Sikhs are often bullied and called names. Harassment increased after the terror attacks in 2001 and seemed to resurface in 2012 when a white supremacist killed six Sikhs in a Wisconsin Sikh temple.

According to this interesting story in the Washington Post, Sikh middle school students in Potomac, Maryland recently formed a Cultural Awareness Club to try to teach their peers their basic beliefs and customs. One Sikh leader in Rockville, Maryland noted that if  "young Sikhs are seen as leaders now, people wearing turbans when they run for office will be more accepted.”

Here is a short video about bulling that the Post ran with their story.

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