Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Reza Aslan on Reddit Again

Reza Alan, author of  Zealtot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth was on Reddit last night. Viewers could ask him anything and they did. Some questions and answers were funny like the two exchanges below and many were serious like the third and fourth.

  • Question: Who would you save from a burning building? 
    • A) Bill O'Reilly 
    • B) Glenn Beck 
    • C) Rush Limbaugh 
    • D) None of the Above 
  • Answer: Well I couldn't carry Rush. Beck wouldn't let a Muslim touch him. So I guess it's Bill.

  • Question: Hello Reza, I have an excellent start up question for you. You and Pamela Geller are stuck on an island, what happens? 
  • Answer:  Are we stuck forever? If so, then I guess it's time to make some hate babies Pam.

But then were more serious exchanges like this:
  • Question: Hey Reza, Big Fan. Biggest misconception about Islam? 
  • Answer: Biggest misconception about Islam is that it is different, or unique, or extraordinary. That somehow it's not like other religions. That the same historical and cultural factors that have shaped every religion in the world did not shape Islam. FACT: Islam is no more or less special or different than any other major religion in the world. Sorry Muslims.

  • Question: Love your books! What do you think needs to happen to overcome the perception on a culture clash between Islam and the West?  
  • Answer: The only way to break down the walls between two is thru art, lit, music, culture, entertainment. This is how perceptions are changed. They remind us that we are not symbols of "other," but just people with same likes and dislikes, same dreams and aspirations, same fears and struggles. So all you Muslims out there trying to change the way your society sees you. Stop becoming doctors and start becoming artists instead.

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