Monday, April 14, 2014

What is Passover?

Teaching Judaism?  Do your students know the story of Passover? Or that it's probably the most practiced Jewish tradition. Vox has a great review of Passover that students might find interesting and readable.

Dara Lind, who wrote the Vox story, notes that Passover has become a big deal not just for Jews in general but for secular Jews too.  That may make it, Lind says, "the most widely observed Jewish tradition among American Jews today."

The chart also shows that "a secular Jew is about twice as likely to attend a Passover seder as he or she is to fast during Yom Kippur, even though the latter is by far the more important holiday."

If you launch the story in cards, you can easily see the different components of the story, which in some ways makes its more readable.

Finally, the History Channel has a good summary of the ceremony

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