Monday, February 6, 2017

America's First Mosque

Where was America's first mosque built? Chicago, New York?

No, North Dakota! KFYR-TV explains. When migrants from Europe, Germany, Lebanon and Syria settled in North Dakota during the turn of the last century, they "worked together to construct churches, synagogues, temples and the first mosque in America."

The original mosque was torn down in the 1970's but according to North Dakota State University sociology professor, Bill Sherman, the original mosque "was just a plain building, half underground and half above ground and just plain. They would gather and say their prayers by facing east towards Mecca."

The European and Lebanese-Syrian migrants came for the same reason many came--free land.

In the New York Times story, North Dakota Mosque a Symbol of Muslims’ Long Ties in America, the mosque fell in disuse and was rebuilt in 2005.

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