Saturday, February 11, 2017

How did the UN Declaration of Human Rights Develop?

Studying Human Rights?

Here's the story of how the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights developed.

It comes form the US Shoah Foundation at the University of  Southern California.  The program is called IWitness, One Voice at a Time. On January 20, it launched 100 days to inspire respect.

Each day, the foundation offers a classroom resource and activity. The video above was the resource for Day 23.

Other inspiring stories so far include Courageous Women in the Cause of Justice, Mass Violence and Racism, and Countering Hate through Social Media.

Each resource comes with a lesson plan or activity.

It's a cool site and definitely worth exploring if you teaching human rights and respect. You can follow USC Shoah on twitter. They tweet resources each day. @USCShoahFdn

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