Thursday, March 2, 2017

Halal in the Family: Confronting Bigotry with Slapstick

Move over Archie Bunker!

There's a new family on the block confronting stereotypes just as strong and in a manner just as funny!

Aasif Mandvi's new web series, Halal in the Family, takes aim at every Muslim stereotype you can imagine.

In one of the first episodes, Spies Like Us, Aasif confronts his son's white math teacher who says that he's a Muslim. Aasif is convinced that he's working for the FBI, reminding us that many people see Muslims as foreigners who should always be under surveillance. The shenanigans that follow would have made Archie Bunker proud.

Aaif's family is just as American as any other family and stereotypes about them, as foreigner or as terrorists, are confronted in each episode. You can find the first four short episodes here and the first one, Spies Like Us, below.

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