Thursday, March 16, 2017

Native American Nations Before Europeans

What did The United States look like before the Europeans arrived?

A self-taught map maker from Oklahoma, Aaron Carapella, shows us what the country looked liked with all the native American tribes and their original names before their "first contact with Europeans," notes NPR in this fascinating story.

Carapella told NPR that he thinks "a lot of people get blown away by, 'Wow, there were a lot of tribes, and they covered the whole country!' You know, this is Indian land," says Carapella, who calls himself a "mixed-blood Cherokee" and lives in a ranch house within the jurisdiction of the Cherokee Nation."

So, if you're studying early American history, or even  primal religions, these maps will add a lot to student understanding of our early history. You can listen to the story from NPR below.

And thanks to Bruce Mims for tweeting the link.

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