Saturday, May 13, 2017

Religion for Breakfast: Awesome You Tube Channel

Studying Religion?

Religion Scholar Andrew Mark Henry, a PHD candidate at Boston University, reviews different aspects of early Christianity and religion in a terrific You Tube series called "Religion for Breakfast." 

In the clip below, Henry outlines Emperor Constantine's  role in the Council of Nicea. In another clip, he outlines Sigmund Freud's significant  influence on the study of religion.

Henry also tackles current issues in religion. In March, he reviewed Reza Aslan's CNN Believer series and even wrote an essay about it in the Religious News Service. Like many scholars, Henry criticized the series because it tended to exoticize" religion rather than create empathy.

Most of the videos are under 20 minutes and many run under ten which make them ideal for the classroom or as assignments for students to view at home.

I love the one about Freud and will definitely use it next year when we review important religious scholars at the beginning of the year.

Another one that I'll certainly use is about ritual. Henry tries to capture the purpose of rituals in this video and whether our practice or ritual necessarily means assent to its mythological meaning.

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